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The Homeness Trust – Designing an Inclusive Brisbane 2032

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A note from Founding Partner, Barton Green

Designing an Inclusive Brisbane 2032

In 2032, Brisbane and southeast Queensland are set to host the world’s largest event, the Olympic Games, followed by the world’s third-largest event, the Paralympic Games, just a few weeks later. While these events are cause for great community celebration and pride, historically, the Games have had a poor track record when it comes to homelessness. Often, the aesthetics of a city take precedence over the rights of individuals, and the homeless are simply “moved on.”

Recognising that this is unacceptable and should not be repeated in 2032, this Housing Action Lab team came together to develop a Blueprint for a Homeness Trust that would “provide pathways to home.” Private sector and community organisations joined forces to share their experiences and ideas, with the aim of ending homelessness in Brisbane by 2032.

The Blueprint for a Homeness Trust, along with community activation and data enabling programs to support it, has been designed to make homelessness visible and to reclaim it as a community-owned responsibility. This is a bold and achievable goal and a worthy post-Games legacy.




This multi-disciplinary team of 8 companies in the not-for-profit, private, and public sectors have come together in a 12-month co-design process. Together, they have a shared vision to end homelessness in Brisbane by 2032.


End homelessness in Brisbane by 2032.


Remove  the  barriers  to  a comprehensive and cohesive solution to homelessness by providing a trusted nexus between governments, the private sector and the community.


To develop a blueprint for a Homenesss Trust (that is scaleable*) whose Charter will include to:

  • Generate, capture, and  utilise  data  to  monitor, identify and predict housing and services needed to benefit   informed   decision-making   to   end homelessness
  • Raise and secure funding to support and develop new housing
  • Embed “ending homelessness”  as  a  contractual obligation (a pledge) for Olympic and Paralympic Host Cities (as a Legacy), and
  • Oversight housing management and help people into housing and sheltered accommodation
  • Make the invisible visible and reclaim homelessness as a community-owned responsibility through activation communication and postcode-based campaigns

(*The intent is for the Homeness Trust to be piloted/trialled in Brisbane, with the scope of activity to eventually be Queensland-wide, and ultimately scaleable nationally).

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