The Housing Action Lab is an immersive learning exchange, drawing from the learnings of industry-led co-innovation programs.

Business Models Inc. run ongoing multi-party Innovation labs in Queensland’s business ecosystem and beyond; with international labs spanning San Francisco and the Netherlands.

Following this mature Lab framework, the Housing Action Lab will be a 10-week immersive innovation process that begins with a public forum and culminates in a showcase event to determine the resources allocated to the implementation pathway of the solutions explored. The Lab will remain as an ongoing platform to nurture and grow housing sector solutions.

Case in point;

The Circular Economy Lab

Our most recently completed Lab – the Queensland Circular Economy Lab, delivered in 2019 in collaboration with Coreo and seeded by the Queensland Government – is a prime example of multi-party innovation in action.

See the Queensland Circular Economy Lab in numbers below, and click the link to learn more.

Over 90 days, we guided the 26 leading innovators who participated in the Lab, through an immersive learning journey to create solutions that accelerate the circular economy in Queensland. As a result, we are now seeing four Lab teams rolling out their solution across Queensland with financial support from the Circular Seed Fund, provided by Queensland Department of Environment and Science.

“The CE Lab has been such a collaborative experience giving the opportunity to individuals from different industries to work together towards the same goal.”

Liesl Hull, State Sales Manager at SUEZ
Lab Participants
Represented in Industry
New Projects Pitched
Seed Funding Pool
Investment Judges
Agreed that Co-Innovation Accelerates Growth

Check out our launch video for the Circular Economy Lab back when we started the project in 2019, and read our outcome report via the link below.

Download the Report

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